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11 Ways to Build Credibility on Your Speaker Website

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Designing Websites to Accelerate Your Speaking Business

We build engaging websites that guide your target audience (buyers, event planners, and bureaus) from homepage to contact page without sacrificing user experience. Our web design solutions balance modern aesthetics with mobile-ready, responsive functionality to maximize performance across all devices.

Every speaker, no matter what stage of career they are in, deserves a high-quality, responsive, and modern website that helps them stand out from the crowd. We can guide you on the path to success.

Your website is the backbone of your speaking business. It supports all your brand's digital marketing efforts and serves as your primary touchpoint as your home for your online content.

88% of speakers believe their websites are not performing for them.

We're here to change that.

For the past several years, SpeakrBrand has been designing websites for keynote speakers across various speaking topics and verticals, as well as working hands-on with hundreds of speakers via Gotham Artists. That experience enables us to design websites that maximize results while communicating your brand's mission and unique value proposition with messaging that resonates with your target audience. No speaker is the same, so your website shouldn’t be either. We’ll work closely with you from day one to properly represent your brand in the digital space.

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establish credibility and authority

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Website Development Process

The SpeakrBrand Four Step Process to Website Development

You have the ideas for your website, and you know what you want out of it. We know how to build and design it.

As part of a multi-channel digital marketing agency, we approach website development with a mindset to enhance all areas of one's digital footprint. Each web development project follows a transparent process to establish your needs, keep your website on track, and delivery timeline clear. Our website projects focus on the following process.

Get Started

01. Site Map

Develop a high-level view of the user journey by laying out the future navbar menu and page structure of the site.

02. Wireframe Design

A PDF wireframe of the website showcasing the UI design.

03. Development

Begin website development within Webflow, focusing on creating a responsive website with a superior user experience.

04. SEO & Analytics

Optimize the website with 10-12 keywords and continually monitor performance.

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Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to launch a website?
The time to launch varies based on project needs and requirements; however, the typical launch period is between 6 to 10 weeks.
What is a responsive website?
A responsive website is a website that adapts to the device it is being viewed on. For example, if you view a site on a laptop and then view the site on a mobile, you should have equally good experiences of that website but not the same experience. On the mobile, the website may have a slightly different design and content may have moved to make it easier to navigate and view utilizing the controls available on a mobile device. Source: Carbon Pixel
Do we handle web hosting?
Yes, our team will handle every element of website hosting, security, backups, and maintenance.
What is UX?
UX is short for user experience. When designing a website it is very important to consider the user’s experience on the website. An enjoyable user experience will ensure that user potentially returns, buys or recommends the website .A bad user experience means it’s highly unlikely that the user will progress further on a website and leave very quickly. Source: Carbon Pixel
What platform do we use to build websites?
The primary platform we use is Webflow due to the enhanced design functionality and superior user experience; but we are able to build on all major platforms including WordPress, Squarespace, Duda, Wix, and others.
What is SEO?
SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” In simple terms, it means the process of improving your site to increase its visibility when people search for products or services related to your business in Google, Bing, and other search engines.
Do we purchase and advise on domains?
Yes, our team uses GoDaddy to purchase domains and will advise on the best domain for your brand.
What is an SSL?
SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and is a security protocol to enable you to access a website securely. To see if a website has a proper SSL, look for the lock icon to the left of the URL in your web browser.