20 Captivating Social Media Content Ideas For Keynote Speakers (For Fall 2022)

Social media is a well-recognized tool all over the world, and it has greatly aided in meeting new people and growing one's speaking skills and business. It is no news that one is advised to post on social media platforms as a keynote speaker; the question to be answered now is, what exactly should you post?

Coming up with continuous social media ideas as a keynote speaker this fall could be overwhelming due to the uproar of the festival and even numerous events in this period, including speaking events. Especially if the speaker is heart-centered, one hopes that their content has a positive impact on people. It is worth noting that these ideas are primarily for the fall of 2022.

In the following article, you will find twenty captivating social media content ideas for you, as a speaker if you want to soar across all digital marketing platforms.

Narrate your story

While beginning as a keynote speaker, one could reference the driving force behind one's speaking story. What was your motivation? How did you get started? The idea is to sell one's skill rather than oneself, so the audience and followers find it relatable and impactful.

Allow your clients a little into the art of speaking

Allow your followers to enter your domain. What exactly is it that you write about? And why do you talk about the particular topic you talk about? In the fall, you could show off an award-winning speech you once gave, an article that drew massive attention because it held people spellbound, or writing or speaking events that brought fame to your business and craft. It assists your readers and followers develop a "know how" relationship with you.

Share the success story of your client

Putting your clients in the spotlight is the most effective way to effect change. Discuss the success of those who learned from you in previous Fall seasons! What lessons did they learn from you? What exactly was your positive impact? What speaking stage were they at before you tutored them, and then bang! The change was evident! These stories make more than just surface connections!

Specify your recommendations

Do you have specifics as to what you learned? Does a particular speaker inspire you? Please share your page with your followers to keep them glued and help them discern why you think and speak as you do. What products have been the game-changer for you? Tell it to your clients and followers. Share these things and happily tag other speakers in your posts; someone may rehearse and help your post gain more audience.

Make known what makes your different.

Is there a reason a client should consider hiring you as a speaker in the Fall instead of hundreds of others available? Carefully take them through what makes you unique.

Generously provide your credentials, speaking experiences, specific interest points while you speak and why exactly it should be you during the Fall. Since it is well known that the Fall is a time of rites and merriment as fruits and crops mature, why should you be called to speak at their speaking events during this time? These are issues you should categorically address on your social media page.

Highlight your weaknesses as well

It's no secret that we all try to amplify our strengths while ignoring our weaknesses; however, as speakers, we should also provide content about what isn't for us and why we decided it isn't! It piques people's interest and allows them to see right through you. Because a speaker cannot work with everyone, you must make this clear. It aids in attracting a specific audience for specific speeches!

Answer frequently asked questions

Suppose you're struggling with developing new content during the fall. In that case, it is wise that you embrace this opportunity to answer questions about previous speeches you have delivered and speaking events you have presented in.

Share knowledge as 'quick tips'

As a speaker who knows so much, ensure you share what is known through quick tips and highlights that would give your followers an edge in their career. Make it also really short, so they keep coming for more.

Discuss internet-breaking news, trending news or present occurrences

Give your "hot takes" on what's happening in the speaking industry this fall. Use this opportunity to discuss the dwindling number of speakers during the period while sharing tips that helped you excel in previous years.

Share your resources and offers with them

People in the media are following you for a reason: they want to know what you have! You should share resources with them so that they understand how to stay ahead. Share your solution, the one that has previously worked for you.

Shed light on common mistakes your ideal clients are making

While you should not be too quick to judge your potential clients, you should help them see their mistakes. Help them understand why their businesses are not going well, and help them see why they make mistakes in the kind of speakers they hire so they can retrace their steps in the long run by coming back to you. Isn't that what anyone would want?

Tackle your potential client's biggest opposition to hiring a speaker

Discuss the deal breaker you are aware your prospective client has. Discuss specific issues that will prevent them from hiring certain speakers. We must verify our sources and not disseminate false information, so we must understand what we are feeding our clients.

Feature other speakers who specialize in different fields from yours

While specialization enhances expertise, we should not completely disregard what is not of interest to us. Feature speakers who are known well vast on your page. Allow them to converse with your clients so that their knowledge diet is balanced.

Discuss your interests

To ensure relatability, you could share your hobbies, the speaker you admire, and even the things that inspire you. This draws people's attention and thus provides a chance for more extensive engagement.

Post your client’s testimonial

Testimonials are documented or recorded statements that endorse your credibility and level of expertise. Posting your clients' testimonials strengthens your reputation by expressing the trust that others have in you and your business offerings.

Share a write-up or quote that inspired you lately

We are human beings inspired or triggered to do more by certain things, people, or even articles. Please share with your client quotes that have recently inspired you and what they have inspired you to do, particularly concerning speaking, and it brings your clients to the point of resonance.

Celebrate a milestone achievement you had in speaking

It isn't wrong that you celebrate your win with your social media family; it helps them see what has gone down and how much more work you still intend to put into it.

Share a behavioral hack with your clients

This is a pattern that has served you well over the years. According to Hoffmeier, a professional content creator, you should create a unique hashtag that can be used and shared on your page many times before your presentation, mentioned during your presentation, and even shared with your clients, who can help trend it. You should also include these conference hashtags in your bio and residual.  

Share an intriguing statistic

Share statistics that are not well known yet groundbreaking! Also, discuss case studies.

Give room for questions and answer through a live video or numerous follow-up posts

Allow your clients to ask questions and respond as well as you can. It is recommended that the questions be answered in a live video to create a better connection because it helps you relate naturally and adequately with your client.

In conclusion, the world's population was 7.75 billion in January 2020, smartphone users were 5.19 billion, internet users were 4.54 billion, and active social media users were 3.80 billion.

Based on these observations, social media is now a veritable tool for engaging a large population.

As a keynote speaker, your marketing strategy must include social media because so many people use it. With so many speakers in this space, certain individuals would have to distinguish themselves to attract a large audience; such as yourself.