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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to launch a website?
The time to launch varies based on project needs and requirements; however, the typical launch period is between 6 to 10 weeks.
What is a responsive website?
A responsive website is a website that adapts to the device it is being viewed on. For example, if you view a site on a laptop and then view the site on a mobile, you should have equally good experiences of that website but not the same experience. On the mobile, the website may have a slightly different design and content may have moved to make it easier to navigate and view utilizing the controls available on a mobile device. Source: Carbon Pixel
Do we handle web hosting?
Yes, our team will handle every element of website hosting, security, backups, and maintenance.
What is UX?
UX is short for user experience. When designing a website it is very important to consider the user’s experience on the website. An enjoyable user experience will ensure that user potentially returns, buys or recommends the website .A bad user experience means it’s highly unlikely that the user will progress further on a website and leave very quickly. Source: Carbon Pixel
What platform do we use to build websites?
The primary platform we use is Webflow due to the enhanced design functionality and superior user experience; but we are able to build on all major platforms including WordPress, Squarespace, Duda, Wix, and others.
What is SEO?
SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” In simple terms, it means the process of improving your site to increase its visibility when people search for products or services related to your business in Google, Bing, and other search engines.
Do we purchase and advise on domains?
Yes, our team uses GoDaddy to purchase domains and will advise on the best domain for your brand.
What is an SSL?
SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and is a security protocol to enable you to access a website securely. To see if a website has a proper SSL, look for the lock icon to the left of the URL in your web browser.
What platforms do we manage?
We create and execute custom strategies for all major platforms including LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.
How do you measure ROI in Social Media?
After selecting the right platforms and planning effective social media strategies, we mutually decide what metrics to check in order to determine the ROI. Metrics we will track outside of booked engagements include reach, traffic, engagement, conversions, and miscellaneous brand awareness and speaking industry-specific goals including enhancing bureau relationships.
Do we handle paid social media advertising?
Yes, our team of social media experts expand into running paid advertising campaigns across all major social platforms.
What are the top 5 reasons why social media is worth the investment
1. Social media is a key driver of traffic to your website.
2. Social media influences buying behavior.
3. Customers expect and appreciate support via social media
4. People are likely already talking about your brand on social media.
5. You can measure ROI, however you want.

Although this answer from Buffer is referring to all brands and businesses, social media is becoming increasingly important for keynote speakers as the competition continues to ramp up.
Which social media platforms should my brand be present on?
For thought leaders, the bare minimum to be successful is LinkedIn; however, there is no doubt there are valuable benefits to being active across numerous social media platforms.
Can I carry over a social strategy from one platform to the next?
Content often dictates the type of strategy you need to adopt. As different social media platforms focus on different types of content, the chances of successfully carrying a strategy from one to another are slim. We help develop platform-specific content to ensure success across platforms.
Do we create content?
Yes, our team creates various types of original content including video edits, custom graphic design, blogs, infographics, and more.
What common social media marketing mistakes should I avoid?
Inconsistency, lack of clarity, and 'posting and ghosting' (only distributing content without engaging with your audience) are the top three issues we have identified through years of social media management experience.
What is a brand guideline toolkit?
A Brand Toolkit is your communication playbook. It includes principles and guidelines to ensure your brand is showing up holistically across channels.
What are the components of a brand?
Components of a brand can include:
Tone of voice
Fonts & typography
Design elements
How does brand affect social media?
70% of marketers say that their main goal for using social media is to increase brand awareness, showing that social is about more than sales.
What is the ROI of branding?
A great brand generally helps result in improved profitability and marketing performance, proving that a positive brand image is just as valuable an asset as anything financial. Return on investment (ROI) can be hard to measure when it comes to branding; but when done right, branding can bring your company and your audience together in a unique and powerful way. Source: Loran Jarrett
What is brand awareness?
It’s simply the extent to which someone can recall or recognize a brand.
What is the biggest challenge of branding for a keynote speaker?
A top challenge is differentiation while keeping integrity and consistency with what buyers and event planners are comfortable with. Brand differentiation means you have to create a unique advantage in the mind of consumers. Once you come up with your PCT and unique value proposition, you should use a good branding strategy to position your brand in a way that will help your audience see and appreciate the greater value of your brand over the competition.
What types of presentations do we design?
We have the capabilities to design and create and asset or document you would need to operate your speaking business as well as your sub-services. We handle everything from presentations, proposals, 1-pagers, overview decks, and other custom sales and marketing collateral.
Do we use templates or build from scratch?
We create custom templates for each one of our clients; however, we show clients previous work to spark design inspiration.
What is the typical turnaround time?
We complete custom presentation decks built from scratch in approximately 3-4 weeks. For 1-pagers, custom proposals, and other 1-4 page documents, the average turnaround time is 3-5 business days. For edits to existing documents, the average turnaround time is 24-48 hours.
What program do we use to build presentations and documents?
We have the capability to send you the final document in whatever format you prefer: Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, Google Slide, etc. Our custom design work is completed in various software platforms including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Canva, and transferred to whatever format you prefer.
What email marketing platforms do we use?
For newsletters and mass campaigns, we prefer Mailchimp but have experience amongst all major email marketing platforms. For 1:1 automated outreach, we utilize SalesHandy.
What Is A/B testing?
A/B testing is a great technique for uncovering the best email marketing tactics and timing for your specific audience.
What are best practices for subject lines?
A few tips would be to use language your audience is familiar with (avoid using branded language or messaging that is overly clever), personalize it, keep it short, use an emoji (or two max), and use clear action words.
What metrics do we track?
Open rates: the percentage of people who opened the email from the total number of people who received the email.
Click-through rate (CTR): the percentage of people who clicked on a link in your email from the total number of people who opened the email.
Unsubscribes: Unsubscribes, as you may have guessed, are the number of people who have unsubscribed from your emails.
What variables do we test in A/B testing?
You can test every component of an email. Here are some of the tactics and variables we use to test:
- Subject lines
- Length of emails
- Calls-to-action
- Headlines
- Creative content
- Send day of the week
- Send time
- Personalization strategy
What is a good email open rate?
10-15% is considered to be a satisfactory open rate. But, it all depends on one's industry, target audience, and the cleanliness of the email list.

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