23 Social Media Content Ideas for Thought Leaders (Fall 2023 Edition)

As a speaker, your influence extends beyond the stage, and social media is your megaphone. Here are 23 content ideas that will help you make a lasting impact this fall:

  1. Instagram Remixes: Collaborate with influencers and fellow speakers using Instagram's Remix feature. Co-create engaging duets that amplify your unique perspectives and forge powerful connections.
  2. Personal Storytelling: Share anecdotes that humanize your journey and connect with your audience on a personal level. These stories bring authenticity to your message and foster relatability.
  3. React to Viral Content: Offer insightful reactions to viral trends, weaving them into your speaking themes. Show your audience how current trends intersect with your expertise, sparking meaningful conversations.
  4. Book Recommendations: Showcase books that have guided your speaking journey, adding depth to your expertise. Explain how each book has influenced your thinking and relate them to your speaking topics.
  5. Engage with Trending Hashtags: Join conversations surrounding popular hashtags to expand your reach. Craft content that resonates with these trends while maintaining your unique voice.
  6. Recreate Viral Challenges: Put a spin on viral challenges that align with your message, infusing your own wisdom. Your creativity and insights will inspire followers to engage and participate.
  7. Highlight Memorable Audience Moments: Share heartwarming moments from your events, illustrating the impact of your words. These glimpses of emotional connection demonstrate the true power of your speaking.
  8. Behind-the-Scenes Preparations: Provide a glimpse into your research, content creation, and rehearsal processes. This transparency offers a valuable peek into your dedication and expertise.
  9. Interactive Polls and Surveys: Engage your audience with interactive polls to tailor your content to their interests. Use the results to craft content that addresses their specific needs and questions.
  10. Themed Days or Weeks: Dedicate days to themes like "Motivation Monday," offering relevant content. Consistent themed content keeps your audience engaged and anticipatory.
  11. Share User-Generated Content: Repost follower experiences, showing the real-world impact of your teachings. Highlighting your audience's successes reinforces your authority and fosters a supportive community.
  12. Discuss Viral Speeches: Analyze successful speeches, breaking down elements that captivated audiences. Your expert analysis provides valuable insights into effective communication techniques.
  13. React to Current Events: Interpret current events through your expertise, providing a unique perspective. Help your audience understand complex issues by relating them to your speaking topics.
  14. Feature Guest Speakers: Highlight guest speakers, promoting diverse viewpoints within your community. This collaborative approach enriches your content and showcases your openness to new ideas.
  15. Repurpose Viral Videos: Repurpose viral videos that resonate with your message, adding your insights. Your commentary connects these videos to your expertise, making them educational tools.
  16. Interactive Challenges: Craft challenges that encourage followers to apply your teachings in their lives. Encourage participants to share their experiences, fostering a sense of accomplishment.
  17. Crowdsource Content Ideas: Involve your audience in content creation, ensuring relevance and engagement. This co-creation fosters a sense of ownership and strengthens your community.
  18. Travel and Speaking Tours: Document your journeys, connecting experiences with your overarching message. Your travel insights add a layer of uniqueness to your content and expand your audience's horizons.
  19. Spotlight Industry Influencers: Celebrate industry figures, fostering a sense of community among your followers. Recognizing others in your field showcases your respect for collaboration.
  20. React to Viral Quotes: Respond to viral quotes, intertwining them with your speaking themes. Show how these quotes align with your message and spark introspection.
  21. Q&A Sessions: Host live Q&A sessions, demonstrating your expertise in real-time interactions. These sessions allow for direct engagement and showcase your depth of knowledge.
  22. Share Knowledge as 'Quick Tips': Offer bite-sized tips, empowering followers with actionable insights. These concise nuggets of wisdom demonstrate your value and keep your audience coming back for more.
  23. Memorable Speech Moments: Share impactful moments from your speeches, reinforcing your influence. These snapshots capture the essence of your speaking prowess and ignite curiosity.

Ready to transform these ideas into captivating social media content that elevates your thought leadership? Contact SpeakrBrand today and let us help you create a powerful online presence that resonates with your audience and drives meaningful engagement.